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Sunona (2014) is an Awareness video on Hearing Impairment. Early detection, intervention and treatment with proper hearing aid can cure deafness


KABTAK is a short film by Amreen Ahmed. It throws light at the pressing need to address women’s safety in India. This short film raises questions about the current state of women’s safety in India and the lackadaisical stand of the society on the offenders. The short film takes the case of true events of rape,molestation,acid attack,child abuse,and women killing that shook our country in the last few years. Kabtak sends a powerful message and encourages its audience to question the safety of women and children in the society. Amreen uses her medium of films to create awareness in the society. The idea is to bring together likeminded people and take this initiative forward by using her films as an awareness medium on different platforms. The film screening will be followed by a panel discussion on approach to women safety

Hello, Can You Hear Me ?

“Alone we can’t do much. Together we can change the world.” Truly inspired by Mr. Bill Austin, Helping Hand Films is proud to present this documentary dedicated to “Listening Ears”, an educational initiative by Starkey. It lays emphasis on multidisciplinary approach in treating children with hearing problems, speech – language disorders, and psychological disorders.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer is a threat to all women. This video is an effort by helping hand films to spread awareness. National and international award winner Dr. KS Gopinath shares his knowledge about the detection and prevention of cancer. 

Amreen Ahmed

Amreen Ahmed is a passionate film maker who ventured into this art after her initial philanthropic work with few of the leading Non-Governmental organizations including the Starkey Hearing Foundation. A graduate of Delhi University, Amreen pursued a short term course in film­making after she quit her work with an exporting firm.

Her first venture was Suno Na, ­­ an awareness video about the hearing impairment in children and how early detection, timely intervention and use of proper hearing aids can bring a radical change, helping those with such disabilities to lead a perfectly normal life.

The second project titled ­ Kabtak is a look at the pressing need for addressing women’s safety in India. This short film raises the question of the current state of women safety in India and the lackadaisical stand of the society on the offenders. The short film takes the case of true events of rape, acid attack and women killing that had gripped the country in the last few years and sends a powerful message of questioning the safety of women and children in the future.

Amreen has won numerous recognition and awards including the best director award at the Mumbai Short Film festival held in 2017. Amreen has been part of various panel discussions on social issues and awareness programmes in schools and colleges .Her film -Kabtak has travelled to many national and international film festivals.

Amreen is very keen on hosting panel discussions after her film screening to spread awareness. She wishes to involve the present audience to take initiative, as well as contribute to positive changes in their lives and the society they live in either by the mode of visual media or by words of experts from across various fields.

Amreen is also keen on using her films to create awareness and use the same as an awareness medium in various projects.


This is our first love in the commercial space and gives the creative high that we are always after. Our experience in professional feature film making helps in keeping the production costs low yet deliver high quality content.


These are short 1-3 minute videos.
These are powerful, quick to make and light on the pocket. Some can be finished straight in a weeks time. These are also viral in nature


This is how we started. Our roots are in film production with years of experience in the field. We can provide end-to-end & specific production services. 


Helping Hand films also provide the service of script writing in various domains of the film industry. Our chief directors Praveen Asad and Amreen are excellent script writers themselves and encourage new talents too.


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