Short films

KabTak ?

KABTAK? A look at the pressing needs of women safety in India. This short film raises the question of the current state of women safety in India and the lackadaisical stand of the society on the offenders. The short film takes the case of true events of rape, acid attack and women killing that had gripped the country in the last few years and sends a powerful message of questioning the safety of women and children in the future.

Documentary films


Sunona is an awareness film on Hearing Impairment. Early detection, interventions and treatment with proper hearing aid can cure deafness. It’s a documentary film. Sharing the story of a boy Furqan, how early detection, intervention and proper treatment cure this boy. He is leading a normal child life now.

Hello, Can You Hear Me?

Alone we can’t do much. Together we can change the world. Truly inspired by Mr. Bill Austin, Helping Hand Films is proud to present this short film dedicated to “Listening Ears”, an educational initiative by Starkey. This documentary film highly emphasizes on multidisciplinary approach.

Awareness Video

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a threat to all women. This video is an effort by Helping Hand Films to spread awareness to larger audience. Padmashri award winner Dr KS Gopinath has won many national and international awards and he is delighted to share his knowledge about the detection and prevention of cancer.


No Bad Touch

Helping Hand Films has conducted many work shop on “NO BAD TOUCH”. The aim of this work shop is to sensitize children to the concept of “ bad touch” and to teach them techniques to protect themselves from bad touch.

NIMHANS Rejuvenation

Helping hand films has collaborated with Ficci Flo Bangalore in NIMHANS Rejuvenation project along with the HOD Dr. Seshadri, Child Pschiatry, Jija Hari Singh, Art Mantram and Antra Bhargava, CEO Suvitas.