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No bad touch

Let’s hope to make our community a better place for our children!. Helping Hand Films is back again with their initiative on the prevention of child sex abuse in association with FICCI Flo, Bengaluru and CKC Foundation by conducting a workshop on ‘No Bad Touch’ for underprivileged school children of Kannada Urdu Medium School which aimed to sensitize children on the concept of Bad Touch and teach them techniques to protect themselves. A workshop which was centred around the need of the hour – Child Sex Abuse, It was a proud moment to see the kids were positively reinforced. It was an honor to have FICCI Flo, Bengaluru and CKC Foundation on board for such a sensitive issue.

Amreen’s magnanimity and the kind of work she does for the good cause of the community if highly appreciable and remarkable. The workshop called ‘no bad touch’ targeted children of age groups 5-10 years. This workshop helped to create awareness of bad touches and teach the children in their capacity to understand and learn, the meaning of bad touch and how to react in such a vulnerable situation. For children, the right to life is the chance to be able to live and have the possibility to grow, to develop and become adults. This right comprises two essential aspects: the right to have one’s life protected from birth and the right to be able to survive and develop appropriately. It was an enlightening experience to work with Amreen and with her keen interest in bringing a valuable change in the society, this project is one of the many projects that she undertook to help children understand and empower them with knowledge. Being part of this enormous causes brings only happiness and pride in us volunteers. Thank you ma’am for giving me this opportunity to work with you and bring about a small change in the society from my side.

– Testimonial by Githashri Hemakumar

I was trained by Helping Hand Films to teach children between 5- 12 years about “Bad Tocuh.” The workshop proved to be lucrative for the children and also to me, on a personal level. Child (sexual) abuse is rampant and increasing at an alarming rate today. It is crucial to make the kids aware of it and educate them to do the required, during those overwhelming circumstances. The process of meeting the children and making learning fun for them, was a delightful experience. I thank Amreen Ahmed for giving me this opportunity and look forward to it again.

– Testimonial by Deeksha Girish

No Bad Touch workshop in association with #FICCIFLOBangalore and #CKCFoundation. We have come to the end of a successful journey by completing the training of 500 plus kids and teachers on the concept of “No Bad Touch” in association with CKC Foundation. It was my great pleasure to have taken up and completed this initiative, with the help of my team members and in association with FICCI FLO. We strongly believe that this training given to the children, making them aware of the possibility of child sexual abuse and how to defend themselves instantly, has empowered all the children and their teachers. Lastly, We would like to say that this is just the beginning and a lot more is yet come in the near future.

Go Green

Ficci Flo Bangalore Chapter had launched a ‘Go Green’ initiative which entailed environment consciousness through the dispersal of Moringal seed balls. Moringa seed bombing is an Eco-Sensitive Initiative towards a greener, brighter Bangalore. The launch was an absolute success with responsible citizens coming forward to be more environmentally woke for the well – being of their spaces and communities. The Guests of Honour included famous personalities like Ashwini Nachappa, Vasundhara Das, Tejasvi Surya, Kajol Bhatia, Ricky Kej, and Roopa Mouli. Their presence made the event a wholesome experience for the citizens to spread greenery. An art competition was also held for the kids present there, the topic for which was environmentally centric.

Team Flo, under the leadership of Chairperson Ms. Shrutti Mittal did a stupendous job with their meticulous planning for bringing such an environmental awareness in light, during the absolute need of the hour. Helping Hand Films is proud to be a part of such an initiative.

Listening Ears
A Miracle for those yearning to be heard

Helping Hand Films is proud to present the trailer of “Listening Ears – A Miracle for Those Yearning to be Heard.” Listening Ears, an educational initiative of the Starkey, lays emphasis on multidisciplinary approach in treating children with hearing problems, speech-language disorders and psychological disorders.

An absolute delight working with the hardworking, and relentless team at the Listening Ears Centre in Delhi and Bangalore. Here’s to creating an inclusive space for those who deserve it, with nothing but love and compassion.
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Keysi Martial Arts by Katie Pyle at Parikrama

It was a great pleasure for Helping Hand Films, for having collaborated with FICCI Flo, Keysi martial arts by Katie Pyle at Parikrama, Bengaluru. The event was specially designed for Parikrama to create awareness for the girls and women there on menstrual hygiene by distributing sanitary kits and teaching them self-defence techniques. It was quite a fruitful event and helped in the empowerment of the girls and women.

A big thank you to Ficci Flo Bengaluru, Katie Pyle and Parikrama for organizing such a meaningful event. The Art of Keysi seemed to have opened opportunities for all girls and women.

 #womensafety, #selfdefence, #happywomensday

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Mount Carmel College
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No Bad Touch - awareness

Dr Bhushan Shukla
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