Heroes to transform the society

Service Expertise

TV & Web Ads

We have been quite closely engaged with TV or Web Ads field as this has been our first love in the commercial space in enabling high level of creativity and visibility to large scale of public. Our industry experience in the professional feature film making cost effective production and no compromise on the quality.

Short Videos

We are experts in delivering short videos of 1 to 3 minutes that are powerfully scripted and the concepts are social appealing in public exposure as well as in social media. Short and sweet videos are made to bring awareness to larger public about women and children welfare.

Short Films

We have been successfully making short films based on real stories that can uplift the awareness about women empowerment. All my short films were made to spread awareness on the sensitive issues and to bring positive change in society, through our medium of skill.

— Script Writing / Screen Writing

We provide powerful script-writing / screen-writing services in the screenplay medium. We bring in enriched industry-standard expertise of script writing in the field of Films, Web Ads, TV Ads, Short Videos and our script writings are efficient enough to add life to the concept, the movement, the actions, the expressions and the dialogues of the characters in real-time screenplay.

Work Shops

We organise various work shop for children and women empowerment, women safety in the workplace, teaching self-defence techniques, discussions on parenting about how important it is to teach boys to respect girls at the early stage.

Film Production

The root of our success journey started with film production with several years of experience in the film industry. We provide end to end and precise production service offerings. Film production has been a great learning curve of our journey so far and we bring enriched experience with vast exposure to quality productions.